Coon Lake Hills Association Board
       Meeting Minutes
      January 21, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

Opening:  The regular meeting of the CLHA Board was called to order at 6:05 p.m. on January 21st in person at the Marion Township Hall following all Covid protocols.

Present:  Mike McIsaac, Tom Vanderplas, Lynne Lewandowski, Marilyn McGowan, Steve Puckett
Excused:  Mel Vannocker, Erin Zimlich
Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the November & December meetings were approved as written. 

Current Business
Treasurer Report:  Marilyn reported on our current balance in our account. 
       Annual Audit:  Marilyn reported that the audit will take place prior to the Annual Meeting.  She has spoken to the auditor that will conduct the audit.
Annual Dues Letter:  The updated letter was reviewed and approved by the Board to be sent out to all members in the middle of February.    

Rurik Park Concerns:  An email update was received from Dawn Smith, Leader of the Rurik Park Group.  She indicated that the Group continues to research & understand the dedicated use of Rurik Park for its lot users, work on a plan to accommodate docks & boats, as well as enhancements to the Park itself.  The Board accepted the email update and supports the work of this Group as they continue to move forward with their plans for the Park.
Send an email to Dawn requesting a plan be submitted to the Board as soon as possible (working with Covid restriction requirements).  
Send an email update to all CLHA Membership regarding the status of this issue.

Lake Treatment Updates: The Water Quality report was received from LakePro in December.  It showed that the Lake Quality is very good!  Mike & Bruce requested that the report be sent out to the membership for their review.  The contract with LakePro was also signed for the coming year.  Other companies were reviewed, however, LakePro continues to be highly rated in water treatment in the area.
Lynne to send the Water Quality Report out to all Association Members.

Updated Maps: The map has been completed. Marilyn to follow up with Angela as to next steps for printing/posting to our website.  The expectation is that they will be completed for our Annual Meeting in May.

Bylaws update:  Lynne reported she will be scheduling the first Bylaws Committee meeting over the next couple of weeks. Mike has supplied copies of various other Lake Bylaws in the area that can be used as a reference point. The committee will meet and recommend updates to the Board; however, final approval will be made by the membership at the Annual Meeting.
Lynne to schedule a Bylaws committee meeting within the next couple of weeks.

New Member Welcome Packet:  Marilyn suggested that the packet contain a member roster, map, boating rules, & Bylaws.  Lynne also suggested that a form for the new members information including email address be enclosed for ease of communication.  Marilyn & Lynne will work to complete this project by Spring.

Association Activities: Unfortunately, we will have to cancel our Annual February Winter Gathering for the second time due to Covid.  We are hopeful that as we move into the Spring and Summer that we will be able to begin to gather again, possibly for a Picnic!!  

New Business 
New Neighbors: No updates at this time.

Updated Boating Rules & Map:  A Big Thank You to Mel who updated the Boating map for Coon Lake which shows the direction of boating as well as “no wake” areas.  Mike added in some “No Wake” areas to the map as well as requested a review of the current Boating rules.  We will request that as part of the Bylaws review, that the Boating rules be included in the same review & update.

Goose Egg Collection:  Marilyn indicated that she spoke to Bob Hanvey requesting that the Board of Trustees vote on a Resolution for CLHA to continue the process of egg collection following all State regulations that govern this process.  Bob indicated that the Board will meet on January 28th for the vote.  Once Marilyn receives this resolution, she will file it with the DNR and request a permit for the process.  The CLHA Board further discussed this process and decided to investigate the possibility of hiring a company to complete this process.
Marilyn to work with Marion Township to receive the Resolution for the continuation of the Goose Egg Collection for Coon Lake then submit it to the DNR in order to receive our permit.
Marilyn will also contact a company that she is familiar with that does the Goose Egg collection process and inquire as to cost.

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Next meeting’s scheduled: 
February 25, 2021 at 6:00 pm at Marion Township.  Marilyn will follow up to book the room.        


Respectfully Submitted
Lynne Lewandowski
Secretary, CLHA