Coon Lake Hills Association Board
                                  Meeting Minutes
                   April 21, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

Opening:  The regular meeting of the CLHA Board was called to order at 6:10 p.m. on April 21st at the Marion Township Lower-Level meeting room.

Present:  Tom Vanderplas, Lynne Lewandowski, Marilyn McGowan, Steve Puckett, Mel Vannocker
Excused:  Mike McIsaac, Erin Zimlich
Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of the March meeting were approved.

Current Business
Treasurer Report:  Marilyn & Mel reported the amount currently in our account.
         Annual Audit:  Marilyn indicated that the Annual Audit has begun and should be completed later this week.
      Annual Dues Update:  Marilyn reported that most of our membership have submitted their annual dues for the year, however, there are still several that are outstanding.  Thank you to those who have paid their dues, and to those who haven’t, please submit them as soon as possible to avoid penalty.

Rurik Park Concerns:  Steve reported that a notification was sent out to the Rurik Park Group scheduling an outdoor meeting in May weather permitting.  It will be held at the Jack Lowe Memorial Park at the Township.  Unfortunately, due to Covid, the township still cannot host large meetings in their meeting rooms.  The Group will be discussing & voting on various rules & regulations as it relates to Rurik Park.  

Lake Treatment Updates: Mike & Bruce are following up with LakePro and our new contact at LakePro regarding our annual schedule of treatments.
Dam & Beaver concern:  Association members have raised a concern regarding the South Dam on the Lake being blocked, as well as Beavers who have reappeared on the lake evidenced by downed trees missing bark etc.  The Board discussed both issues, however, they would like to further discuss with Mike when he returns next month.  It was felt that the Pardee Lake Association typically takes care of the South Dam and is not part of our concern.  
Further discussion with Mike at our May Board meeting prior to any action.

Goose Egg Collection Update:  Marilyn reported that the permit was received from the DNR for our Goose Egg collection process to commence.  Steve reported that the Goose Busters did come out and were on the Lake on Friday, 4/16 and collected a nest at that time.  They also indicated that it appeared that there were 4-6 other nests that appeared to already have been removed.  They will be back on the Lake again to continue the process.

Signage Update:  Once the weather warms the No Wake signs will be placed around the lake as discussed.  There was further conversation regarding street signs and lighting. Evidently, the Westhill sign has been damaged, and all the other street signs are looking worn. After some discussion, it was decided to check on cost to possibly update the various street signs with possibly some decorative solar lights as well.  There was some investigation done a few years back, however, only reflective tape was used to identify the Coon Lake street posts.

Steve will follow up on checking with a company he is familiar with regarding pricing and report back.

Boat Launch Updates:  Steve cleared out a lot of the weeds, brush located around the Boat Launch.  He also releveled the rock/stone at the edge of the cement launch to make it more even as we launch our boats.  Thank you, Steve,!!!

Updated Maps: Meetings were held between Marilyn, Lynne & Angela Brown to validate the revised map.  There were many changes in the last year, so all wanted to make sure the information was captured appropriately.  In order for the map to be easier to update as well as accurate, Angela requested that the Board approves a total revision of the map using a different software that will make it much easier to update and store.  The cost to do this process will be approximately $100.00.  After some discussion, the Board unanimously approved the request for a total revision.

Lynne to contact Angela and give her the green light to move ahead with the total revision.

Bylaw’s update:  Lynne reported that the Bylaws Committee has had 2 meetings thus far and are making good progress.  There were 2 requests that are coming back to the Board for their review & direction:
Quarterly Financial report sent to members:  The Bylaws committee is requesting that the Board consider sending a quarterly report to the Association Membership since that information is no longer posted for members to review.  After Board discussion, and since our financial account doesn’t change dramatically over the months, it’s the Board’s recommendation that this report is made to the Membership twice (2x) a year, June/December.
Further discussion when Mike returns in May.
Review of the Financial section of the currently Bylaws for updates:  The Bylaws committee wanted input on the appropriate wording for the penalty assessment to assure complete understanding.  The wording update is as follows:  
Current wording: “penalty of an additional ten percent (10%) of any amounts due the Association.
Updated wording: “penalty of an additional ten percent (10%) of total amount owed the Association.

Lynne will take the information back to the Bylaws Committee so its appropriately reflected in the Bylaws updates.

New Member Welcome Packet: No updates.

Association Activities: All activities are on hold for now.
New Business
New Neighbors: No updates at this time.

Annual Meeting:  Discussion by the Board as to possible timing for the meeting, however, they were unsure as to when the Bylaws committee would complete their work.  The meeting may need to be held outside, however, for now it’s on hold pending completed Bylaws updates.   

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
Next meeting’s scheduled:
May 19, 2021 @ 6:00 p.m. Township Upper Meeting Room
June 16, 2021 @ 6:00 p.m.  Township Upper Meeting Room
July 21, 2021 @ 6:00 p.m.  Township LOWER Meeting Room
August 18, 2021 @ 6:00 p.m.  Township Upper Meeting Room

Respectfully Submitted
Lynne Lewandowski
Secretary, CLHA