Coon Lake Hills Association Board
Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom

Opening: The regular meeting of the CLHA Board was called to order at 6:08 p.m. on February 24th

via Zoom.

Present: Mike McIsaac, Tom Vanderplas, Lynne Lewandowski, Marilyn McGowan,
Steve Puckett, Erin Zimlich - Excused: Mel Vannocker

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the January meeting was approved with a minor
change to the February meeting date documented. Should read Feb 24 th instead of 25 th .

Current Business

1. Treasurer Report: Marilyn reported the current balance in our account.
Annual Audit: Mike asked for an update on the audit. If was decided that the audit

will be conducted in April.
a. Marilyn will work with the auditor to schedule for April prior to the Annual Meeting.

Annual Dues Letter: The letter was emailed out February 18 th to the Association
membership. Marilyn reported that she has received several dues in the mail thus far.

2. Rurik Park Concerns: An update was received from Dawn Smith, Leader of the
Rurik Park Group and reviewed by the Board.

a. Send an email to Dawn thanking her and the Group for the update and the work they are doing.

3. Lake Treatment Updates: No updates at this time.

4. Updated Maps: Angela has completed the work on the first map to be handed out
to all members at our Annual meeting. She provided copies to Lynne for the Board to review.

At this time only Lynne & Marilyn have received copies due to our cancelled in person

Board meeting. There are some tweaks that need to be made to the map, so Lynne &

Marilyn will get with Angela to get those completed prior to our Annual meeting.
a. Lynne to get in touch with Angela to schedule meeting.

5. Bylaws update: The Bylaws meeting has been placed on hold until the group can meet in

person at the Township. The Board felt that this discussion would be better held in person vs. Zoom.
a. Lynne will send an updated email to the committee members informing them of the delay.

6. New Member Welcome Packet: Lynne is in the process of putting the new
packet together for the Board to review and approve.

7. Association Activities: All activities are on hold for now.

8. Goose Egg Collection: Marilyn presented information that she received from the “Goose Busters”,

a business that specializes in goose control. The Board reviewed the information received and

decided to contract with the company to handle our goose egg collection process.

Marilyn also requested that Steve Puckett work with her to understand the entire goose egg process

from permit to collection. Steve agreed to assist Marilyn with this process. 
a. Marilyn will contact the Goose Busters to contract and set up a schedule
with them. She will also submit the appropriate paperwork for the permit
from the DNR.

New Business

1. New Neighbors: No updates at this time.

2. Standing Board Meeting: Lynne requested that the Board determine a standard day to meet monthly

which will make it easier for scheduling for everyone. After some discussion, it was determined

that the Board will meet the 3 rd Wednesday of every month.

3. Annual Meeting: The Board briefly discussed having the annual meeting this
year. The appropriate notice will be given to all members prior to the meeting.
Due to COVID, it may get pushed into the warmer months so we could meet

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

Next meeting’s scheduled:

 March 17, 2021 at 6:00 pm via Zoom.

Respectfully Submitted
Lynne Lewandowski
Secretary, CLHA